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Prof. Lehnhardt passed away
Author : O. Nuri Ozgirgin
Bayindir Hospital Otolaryngology Dept
Date    : 07/12/2011

Professor em.

Dr. med. Dr. med. dent.
Dr. h.c. mult. Ernst Lehnhardt

born: 26th of April 1924 in Crivitz (Germany)
passed away: 1st December 2011 in Hannover

Received the "Grosse Verdienstkreuz des Verdienstordens der Bundesrepublik Deutschland" 
Received the "Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande" 
Honorary Member of the German Cochlear Implant Association

A successful path of life is completed.
Professor Lehnhardt was a pioneer of the Cochlear Implant patient centred care in Germany, initiator and co-founder of the German Cochlear Implant Association, and of the "Wilhelm Hirte" Cochlear Implant Centre (CIC) Hanover as well as an exceptionally gifted ENT - a visionary, who always implemented his trend-setting ideas for the benefit of his children and adult patients.
That deaf and and hearing impaired persons can hear (again), he constituted himself as the self-fulfilment of his medical career...
Author : Robert K. Shepherd

Date    : 07/12/2011
Very sad news - he was a pioneer and a gentleman.  His concept of "soft surgery" for cochlear implants continues to have important application today. He will be missed.
Prof Rob Shepherd, Bionics Institute/University of Melbourne, Australia
Author :

Date    : 08/12/2011

I send my deep heart felt condolences as Dr Lehnhardt passed away but he has immortalised himself by doing services to humanity.

Dr C S gohil
Author :

Date    : 08/12/2011
To my teacher, my second father, a great mind and the best doctor I met, thank you for everything, I will miss you for my lifetime. Nikolaos Marangos
Author :

Date    : 09/12/2011
Professor Lehnhardt was a monumental figure in modern Otology and one of the true pioneers in the field of the modern multichannel cochlear implant.  He was an innovator, a superb surgeon and a dedicated teacher.

Noel L. Cohen, MD, MD hon (Freiburg)
Author : -

Date    : 09/12/2011
May his soul find rest in His creator. He is a pillar of otology that should be emulated by young upcomming ones as we strive to solve the health problems of mankind.

F. D. Ayahao.  Philippines
Author : Munahi Al-Qahtani
(Saudi Arabia)
Date    : 09/12/2011
Sad news
Author : Arun K Gadre
University of Louisville Otolaryngolgoy Dept.
(United States)
Date    : 12/12/2011
I never had the opportunity to know him personally, but knew of him by reputation, from my teachers Dr. Noel Cohen and Dr. J. Thomas Roland.  We fellows even started calling the Hannover Tunnel the Holland Tunnel!!!  His passing is a loss to the Otologic and specifically the world of  Cochlear Implant Surgery, but as my late father once told me "teachers live through the intellectual DNA that they pass to their students." 

Arun K. Gadre, MD, FACS
Heuser Hearing Institute Professor of Otology & Neurotology
University of Louisville
Author : Paul Kileny Ph.D.
(United States)
Date    : 12/12/2011
 Sad to learn of Prof. Dr. Dr. Lehnhardt's passing. I first met him about 25 years ago, and was impressed by his drive, dedication, intellect and personality. He contributed tremendously to the specialty of otology, in particular the cochlear implant field. My sincere condolences to the family.

Prof. Paul R. Kileny
University of Michigan
Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
Ann Arbor, USA
Author : John House
House Ear Clinic
(United States)
Date    : 12/12/2011
 I'm so sorry to hear of his passing. He was such a pillor of modern Otology. 

John W. House, MD
Author : Levent Olgun
Date    : 12/12/2011
 He would live forever as his name would not be forgotten and would be mentioned elswhere in the world every day.
Levent Olgun
Author : Sergey Kosyakov
Russian Medical Academy for Postgraduate Education
Date    : 12/12/2011
I'm so sorry. He was the first who performed the Cochlear implantation in Russia. It was great prevelege to assist him.
Sergey Kosyakov
Russia Medical Academy for Postgraduate Education
Author : Angel Ramos Macias
Univesity Hospital Insular
Date    : 13/12/2011
 To one of the greatest  professor I have had. I will never forget the great moments we spent together . It was really a privilege to know him.

Prof Angel Ramos. Spain.
Author : Robert K. Shepherd

Date    : 13/12/2011
I feel privileged to have worked with him. His passion for the cause, his integrity, humour and way of connecting with others was a great inspiration and made me a better doctor. For the last 23 years he was a highly respected mentor and supporter. I always found an open ear and house. As many other of his pupils I will continue to carry some of his spirit.  
Ave adque vale

PD Dr. Markus C Dahm, FRACS
Melbourne, Australia
Author : Mohamed Tawallbeh
University of Jordan
Date    : 13/12/2011
I very sorry to hear that,
Dr Mohamed Tawallbeh, MD, FRCS
Associate prof. at Jordan University Hospital
Author : MUTAWAKEL HAJJAJ mutawakel
(Saudi Arabia)
Date    : 15/12/2011
Am so sad for this newes,,,icant immagin aPolitzer Socity with out him,,my condalasents to his family &to the otology union around the world                                                                       Mutawakel hajjaj,, MD   KSA 
Author : Milan Profant
Univ. ENT Clinic
(Slovakia (Slovak Republic))
Date    : 15/12/2011
Ernst Lehnhardt has passed away. The loss of a great man is a sad news for family friends, fellows of otology, and many scholars that have received generous lessons from our teacher Ernst Lehnhardt. I remember our first cochlear implant surgery in summer 1994, Ernst and Monica have arrived to Bratislava to show us the surgery and to teach us not only the surgery but also managing the complex CI center. Moreover their sustained support has accompanied us durig his all professional life. All friends from EAONO and other otologic groups all over the world are missing the lectuers that were the magnificence moment of the congress. Discussions, communications, humor, friendship, help, simply the great human being will be missing by all of us. Thank you Professor Ernst Lehnardt

Milan Profant
EAONO President
Author :

Date    : 15/12/2011
 We join the family in missing a great man and a super otologists, thankful for the ennumbered thing we have learned by him
Fernando Mancini, MD
OtoRinoLaringoiatri Associati
Turin, Italy
Author :

Date    : 15/12/2011
Sad news!, I send my deep heart condolences to his family,friends and his team.
Author : Adel El-Rawy
Sultan Qaboos Hospital E.N.T. Clinics
Date    : 15/12/2011
sorry for this bad news
Author : Khaled Alnoury Alnoury
(Saudi Arabia)
Date    : 18/12/2011
I was very saddened to hear the news about his passing.and sent  sympathies to his Family and to all members of the Society.

Prof. Khaled AlNoury
King Abdulaziz University
Jeddah. Saudi Arabia
Date    : 19/12/2011
It is still really hard to believe we shall never see him again. We had greatly appreciated not only his outstanding contribution to otology but also his warm personality.

With best regards,

Hisaya Tanioka, MD, PhD
Tokyo, Japan
Author : -

Date    : 19/12/2011
I'm so sorry to hear of his passing. his work in hearing loss and cochlear implant was very important. i hope that the community of otolaryngologist and otoneurologist will to be make a international congress dedicaced to professor lehnhardt.

Date    : 20/12/2011
A Great loss to the otologic society.
Dr Khair Mohammad FRCS
Al Ain Hospital UAE
Author : Mohiyuddin Ali
Date    : 22/12/2011
Sad news.
May he rest in peace.

Dr Mohiyuddin Ali FCPS
Saudi Arabia
Author : Angel Ramos Macias
Univesity Hospital Insular
Date    : 06/01/2012
Prof.E.Lehnhardt has pased way. Very sad news for all of us. He was also a pioneer of Cochlear implantation in Lithuania and generous teacher. Together with Mrs.Monika Lehnhardt they created a strong fundamental for establishment of CI Center in Kaunas. His sutained practical support has encouraged us permanently. We will be missing our Professor Ernst Lehnhardt.

Prof.Virgilijus Uloza
Head Department Otolaryngology
Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
Kaunas, Lithuania
Author : O. Nuri Ozgirgin
Bayindir Hospital Otolaryngology Dept
Date    : 29/04/2013
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