Dear participants,

Our 16th course on Ear and Temporal Bone Surgery will take place on September 15th – 18th at the ENT
School of Bordeaux. We hope we will be able to present you with new as well as established techniques
different areas of otology. The course has a clinical and a practical part, i.e. dissection in the temporal
bone laboratory.

Course Description and Objectives

  • This 4 day course will be given in English in our advanced temporal bone laboratory under intensive instruction and supervision. Each station includes a full set of microsurgical instruments , operating binocular microscope , motorized drill & suction irrigation system
  • The course is designed for ENT consultants, otology fellows, and residents.
  • Two cadaver temporal bones are available for each participant for use to practice routine, advanced temporal bone and middle ear surgical techniques.
  • Live televised surgical sessions, mixed lectures, and radiology discussions
  • Introduce and acquire basic skills in CO2 laser stapedotomy, cochlear implant, BAHA and implantable hearing systems (Vibrant Soundbridge).
  • At the end of this comprehensive hands-on course, candidates should be able to manage patients with chronic middle ear diseases & cholesteatomas, use the appropriate surgical procedures, understand the management of hearing loss with ossiculoplasty & be familiar with a variety of techniques for ossicular chain reconstruction.
  • The following procedures will be practiced:

              - Canal Wall Up Mastoidectomy.
              - Facial Recess Approach.
              - Epitympanotomy
              - Canal Wall Down Mastoidectomy.
              - Middle Ear Dissection.
              - Stapedectomy
              - Ossicular Chain Reconstruction
              - Facial Nerve Dissection & Geniculate Ganglion.
              - Endolymphatic Sac Dissection
              - Labryinthectomy.
              - Approaches to the IAC.
              - Cochlear/Middle Ear Implant


Place: Bordeaux
Date: 15.09.2015 - 18.09.2015