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Please find enclosed the invitiation for the 2nd Antwerp BOT Dissection Course which will be held from the 5th to the 7th of November 2014.
The 2nd Antwerp BOT Dissection Course:
After many years of experience with the Bony Obliteration Tympanoplasty technique (BOT) at our department, the European Institute for ORL-HNS, with excellent results (very low recurrence and residual rate), as shown during the long term follow up with by non-EP Diffusion Weight MRI, we are proud to present you the second Antwerp Bony Obliteration Tympanoplasty Course (Antwerp BOT Course). In our fully equipped SkillsLab we will teach you all the practical skills needed to perform a state of the art bony obliteration. In short theoretical lectures we will explain our philosophy. The radiological pre-operative work-up and postoperative follow-up, which are a necessary prerequisite for safely and successfully applying the BOT, will be taught by our world leading radiologists in the otological field.
Erwin Offeciers, Thomas Somers, Andrzej Zarowski, Bert De Foer, Jan Casselman, Joost van Dinther, Robert Jan Pauw, Jacques Magnan (Honorary Guest)
The Antwerp BOT Course is spread over 3 days. Hands on training on temporal bones and fresh frozen cadaver is combined with lectures on the theoretical background and live surgery.
Registrations are based on a first registered first served basis: The course fee (dinner included) is € 1975.
See you soon in Antwerp!
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Place: Antwerp
Date: 05.11.2014 - 07.11.2014