Milestones of Politzer Society

Gordon Smyth
Contribution to memories of "Dr. Gordon Smyth" made by Dr. Alan Kerr
Jean Bernard Causse
A tribute to "Dr. Jean Bernard Causse" the International Faculty of the Nijmegen Course in Ear Surgery
Claus Jansen
Contributions to memories of "Dr. Med. Claus Wilhelm Jansen" made by Dr. Gregorio Babighian, Dr. Jacob Sade, Dr. Mirko Tos and Dr, Malte Erik Wigand
Jack Pulec
Contributions to memories of "Dr. Jack Pulec" made by Dr. Mirko Tos and Dr.Robert T. Sataloff
Jacob Sade
A Tribute to our Teacher and Collogue, "Prof. Jacob Sadé" By Michal Luntz


This page is dedicated to the memories of Great Otologists who had important contributions in the field and also had responsibility on founding and development of the Politzer Society. We will be watchful to recieve your comments about the Great Names that have to take place here, in this page. With your support this website will be a good reference for the young colleagues dealing about how the modern issues in the field have been developed.

Please send your contributions to O. Nuri Ozgirgin preferably by attaching a photograph.