• Anatomy and pathophysiology of ear disease
  • Otosclerosis and tympanosclerosis
  • Tympanoplasty and reconstructive techniques, including allografts and biomaterials
  • Surgical treatment of ear disease by \'open\' and \'closed\' techniques
  • Postoperative care and complications
  • Neuro-otology
  • Facial nerve problems
  • Congenital anomalies
  • Cochlear implants, implantable hearing aids and bone anchored hearing aids

Televised surgery (on large screen television) from two operation theatres, with discussion Temporal bone exercises

Panel discussions on:

Surgery for chronic otitis media

On Wednesday March 2nd 2011, prof. M. Gleeson will present the 28th William F.B. Brinkman lecture on iatrogenic facial nerve injuries.
Place: Nijmegen
Date: 28.02.2016 - 04.03.2016
Contact Information: M.Tijmensen@kno.umcn.nl