President of the Society
Alan Kerr

Chairmen of the Meeting
Michel Gersdorff - Erwin Offeciers

Politzer Prize Owners
Mark Winter MD
Reverse Transfer Function (Rtf) Measurement: An Objective Tool To Determine The Performance Of The Active Middle Ear Implant Transducer

Ray J, D’Souza MD
Subarachnoid - CSF fat microemboli – a common non-specific finding following translabyrinthine acoustic neuroma excision

The Politzer Board
From left to right: Per Moller, Jacques Magnan, Mirko Tos, Alan Kerr, Gregorio Babighian, Gordon Hughes, O. Nuri Ozgirgin

The New and Past Presidents
Mirko Tos and Alan Kerr
Place: Courchevel
Date: 19.01.2002 - 23.01.2002