Politzer Society continues on its increasing trend with the contributions that it offers to World Otology and with the impact that it owns. The meetings that have been organized since more than 30 years gained great prestige. Beyond the regular meetings, Politzer Society undertakes the responsibility by supporting the worldwide temporal bone dissection courses. A network has already been established among the Otologic Societies. The Society is now looking forward to own further responsibilities to act in a more effective manner globally. With the Videoconferencing Meetings being organized biannually, it offers online surgical techniques to be remotely received by the interested colleagues worldwide. The Online Otology Discussion forum that has been established by the collaboration of the European Academy of Otology and Neurotology has received great interest in a short time. Recently with the inclusion of Global Otology Research Forum to its Prestigious Meetings, Politzer Society will impact the future of otology. 29th Politzer Society Meeting will host the Global Otology Research Forum (GLORF) as the first occasion and this will be the event that could not be missed.

The sessions dedicated to traditional Politzer Society Meetings will also cover different formats such as debates, open discussion sessions which the floor acts as being part of the panels, how do I manage sessions as well as plenary sessions, panels and round tables. Besides the researches submitted to GLORF, free paper and poster presentations will be available for reporting the clinical studies. The abstracts will be published as a supplement in the Journal of International Advanced Otology and also the full texts will have the priority to be published in the main Journal following peer review.

The month November has obligatorily been chosen because of the very busy Scientific Meeting Schedule of the year 2013. However this served us receiving very convenient prices the Luxury Hotels that will serve as the Meeting Venues. So the accommodation expenses will make the participants happy.

We wish you keeping your eye with us through the Politzer Society website, Facebook and Twitter sites. The website of the meeting has already been constructed with the address: www.politzer2013.org. It is also possible to access www.facebook.com/politzer2013 and www.twitter.com/Politzer2013

Prof. O. Nuri Ozgirgin

Place: Antalya
Date: 13.11.2013 - 17.11.2013
Contact Information: to02-k@tr.net