Welcome to the meeting “The Vestibular System: a clinical and scientific update in Siena”, which we have organized to honor Professor Daniele Nuti and his career.

In his 40 years long career Professor Nuti has passionately studied the vestibular system both as a clinician and a scientist, providing fundamental contributions to the understanding and the treatment of peripheral vestibular dysfunctions. His special interest in vestibular neuritis and BPPV have made him one of the top vestibular clinicians worldwide, treating hundreds of cases per year.
Through his career Daniele Nuti has had several international collaborations, including a period as a visiting scientist at the Vestibular and Ocular-motor laboratory at the Neurology Department of the Johns Hopkins Hospital with Dr. David S. Zee. He has been the director of the Department Otolaryngology at the University of Siena since 2006.

Daniele will turn 65 on February 17th 2013 and we thought his would be a good pretext to gather friends and colleagues in Siena, Daniele’s birth city, to discuss science and enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the city in which he has always been an active personality, especially in the Tartuca Contrada. In fact Daniele has always had a “second life”, as all true Seneses, tied to the Contrada della Tartuca, the part of the city his heart belongs to and for which he fights to earn it the Palio di Siena. Being part of a contrada means being part of a community, sharing responsibilities, duties and goals while valuing education and tradition in assisting the growth and success of the younger. These are the values that Daniele has always carried in his career as a teacher and as a scientist, and which have made him a dear friend to so many of us. In his private life he has been a national level fencer, winning the fencing world championship of medical doctors, a tennis player and is now an avid golfer.

The meeting will give participants the opportunity to discuss the latest findings in vestibular and ocular-motor research with some of the most prominent international scientists in the field, while visiting the fascinating city of Siena and the heart of Tuscany.

Place: Siena
Date: 05.04.2013 - 06.04.2013
Contact Information: otnlab@gmail.com