President's message

Dear Friends,

We have reached the end of a most difficult year, which has resulted in tragedy for many families who have lost their relatives. As physicians, we have been entangled in this calamity. In addition, seemingly citizens of all countries have had to deal with forms of personal and national economic collapse, politics in bad faith, fragmentation of once cooperative groups, and extremism, in 2020.

We have, however, also experienced kindness, humanity, compassion, altruism and friendship in this time of challenge. As physicians, we must have faith in the near future and do our best to help our patients and our colleagues, as long as needed.

We hope we can be together soon, and we invite, again, all of you to come to Sao Paulo for the next Politzer Society Meeting in February 2022.

We wish all very happy holidays, and a New Year full of peace and achievements.


Rubens de Brito