Letter From the Treasurer

Dear Colleagues,


I am writing on behalf of the President of the Politzer Society, Professor Jay Rubinstein, to thank you for your on-going support and to ask for your continued support of the Society.

The Membership for the Politzer Society runs January to January each year, to simplify the administration of membership fees. An additional advantage is that this is how the subscription to the Journal of Otology and Neurotology operates. However, this year the letter reminding you about renewing the membership is going out late due to additional work that was undertaken to provide security on the payment platform.

There may be some delays with receiving the journal in the post, but you will be given online access as soon as we received your membership contribution including journal subscription.

An added benefit of the Politzer Society membership is a discount of 150€ (183€ incl VAT) applied to the Registration Fee for the upcoming Politzer Society Meeting in Rome in Oct 2024.


Current membership fees:

2024 Annual Fee (age over 65) £0.00  

2024 Annual Fee (age below 65) £100.00

2024 Annual Fee With Journal (age over 65) £110.00

2024 Annual Fee With Journal (age below 65) £210.00


Please pay via the Politzer Society Website using the WorldPay portal.

If would like the journal but this option has not been ed, then please contact me and I will make the necessary changes.

Payment is expected prior to the end of April 2024. You will receive notification once your payment has been processed.

I hope to see you all in Rome for the 34 the Politzer Society Meeting in Oct 2024!


Best wishes and kind regards,

Codruta Neumann (she/her)